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Founded in 1949, “the company with three names” Banner Life Insurance Company, remains one of the fastest growing life insurance providers in the country today. Banner was founded originally as Gelico in 1949. Banner has been apart of the Legal & General Group since 1981 along with its sister company, William Penn Life Insurance Company of New York. Currently, Banner Life insures people in 49 states, including D.C., while William Penn Life operates solely in the state of New York. Even though Banner has been around for seventy years, (which is young by insurance company standards), they remain one of the strongest term life insurance providers in the country today.

Purchasing life insurance from highly-rated insurance carriers like Banner Life is made easy with the help of Assurance Financial Solutions.


What Banner Life Does Well: 

  • Highly Competitive Underwriting.
  • Top-3 price competitive regardless of age and gender.
  • Fully electronic process with most of their policies sold today not requiring an exam. 
  • An industry leader in term-life insurance sales.

What Banner Life Doesn’t Do Well: 

  • If you’re looking for permanent life insurance, this isn’t the insurer for you. Banner’s primary focus is being highly competitive for term life insurance and not WL or universal life insurance.  
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