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North American by Assurance Financial Solutions

Founded in 1886, North American, offers some of the most unique and creative products in the country today. North American Company for Life & Health, (NACOLAH) is unique in the world of insurance in that they are one of the oldest, privately owned insurers in the country. As an ESOP owned company, North American, along with its sister company, Midland National, are members of the Sammons Group of companies. 

With extremely strong financial ratings and a commitment to creating value in all their products, you can count on North American to be around to deliver on their promise to you and those who need it most.

Purchasing life insurance from highly-rated insurance carriers like North American is made easy with the help of Assurance Financial Solutions.


What North American Does Well: 

  • This is one of my absolute favorite insurers. I make it a point to add North American to every quote I give to my clients. 
  • They’re a pioneer in offering living benefits such as cancer protection, heart disease, stroke, & chronic illness protection with nearly all of their products at a price point that is ahead of every other insurer in the industry. 
  • North American has some strongest conversion benefits of any insurer in the industry to any number of permanent insurance options.
  • If you’re looking for permanent life insurance, North American has some of the industry’s best (if not the best) performing cash accumulating policies w/ strong guarantees.
  • If you’re a value shopper this is your insurer. 

What North American Doesn’t Do Well: 

  • If you’re looking for cheap term insurance, this isn’t your company. While still competitive, North American isn’t going to be your go to insurer if you’re in need of the absolute most cost effective coverage. 
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At AFS, we can compare coverage and rates from some of the most trusted insurance  in the nation—including North American—to find the right coverage for you in minutes. 

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