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How To Shop Rates

You can visit multiple sites and plug in your gender, DOB, & state and see the exact same companies. But how do you know which company to apply with? How do you know that you’ll get the rate you see if you apply? Here’s the secret—you don’t. Every insurance company evaluates your health differently. Without knowing, even your basic medicines or your family’s health history can drastically alter your rates and the premium you pay—many times by as much as 25-50%. What gets you the best policy and premium is the agent! A good independent agent will evaluate your health and recommend the best insurer for the best policy and premium. To do that though, we need to talk.

So take a moment and call, email, or text us at the number below and we’ll follow up shortly. We’ll ask you about the type of coverage you’re looking for as well as ask you questions concerning your health history. We’ll follow up with the top-5 options based on your individual health history and desired amount of coverage. If you’re not ready to buy, that’s ok. That’s part of the process. We’re not happy until you’re happy.

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We’re aiming to be your family’s first choice for life insurance. We started over ten years ago protecting local Birmingham families and businesses. Since then we’ve grown to protect families in over ten states currently. We do not want to write thousands of policies every year like many of the online agencies do. We want our service to be much more individualized to ensure that you get the best policy for the best premium. Let us help you protect those that matter most. 

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