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Families need Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance Made Easy

Why Choose Term Life Insurance?

Term life insurance is the most affordable way to have an adequate amount of protection  for those that matter most. Let us shop from among over 40 excellent life insurers to find your best policy and premium.

Why Choose Us For Your Life Insurance?

As an independent agency, we’re uniquely suited to offer the most affordable solutions for your term life insurance needs. We don’t work for any insurance company—our commitment is to you. Since 2012, we’ve helped thousands of families find affordable term life insurance. Consider us for your family’s life insurance needs.

How To Shop For Term Rates

Here’s the secret, the life insurance company sets the rates and those are not negotiable. You can shop ten different sites and the premiums you see will all be the same from one site to another. So the rates you see here are the lowest that you will find anywhere. What gets you the best policy and premium is the agent’s experience! 

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Term Life Insurance Vs. Whole Life Insurance

Four Steps For Your Life Insurance

We’ll make buying your life insurance quick and easy. 

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1. Start Your Quote

Call, text, or email us and let us know you’re ready to shop. 

Speak with An Agent

2. Chat With Your Agent

We’ll reach out to discuss your needs and evaluate your health. (Your health determines your rates)


Customized Life Insurance Quotes

3. Customized Quote

We’ll tailor your quote based on your health and recommend the right insurer with best premium.

Life Insurance Policy

4. Policy Setup

We’ll streamline the application process and walk you through underwriting.

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Let Me Be Your Agent

Families need Life Insurance


Sam Price is an independent agent for life, disability, and long-term care insurance. 

After working in financial services for over ten years now, Sam has extensive knowledge of the over 40, A+ rated insurance companies that he is licensed to represent giving him the edge in serving his clients with the best coverage, underwriting, and premiums available.

In years past, Sam has worked in the Dave Ramsey network along with other independent insurance agents and financial advisors where he has helped people in over 38 states. His professional opinions have been featured in publications such as US News & World Report, The Huffington Post, A Place For Mom, Investopedia, Discover, MSN.com, Bankrate.com, and more. 

Commonly Asked Questions:

Question: Is term life insurance right for me? 

Answer: If you’re looking or affordable coverage, then term life insurance is probably the best fit for you. 

Question: How long does my life insurance last?

Answer: The word, “term” in term life insurance refers to the length of time you’ll have the policy. 10, 20, & 30 year terms are the most common lengths you’ll find.

Question: Does my premium change? 

Answer: No. Besides being the most affordable type of life insurance, your premium is locked in for the duration of the term.  

Question: Will there be an exam?

Answer: Not necessarily. Insurers are getting very aggressive about not requireing exams. If not having an exam is a primary concern for you, let us know and we’ll point you towards an insurer that will not require one. 

Question: How long does this process take?

Answer: Depending on the insurer you select, it can be as fast as same day. If an exam is required, thirty days is currently the average time needed. 

Question: What if I’m not very healthy? 

Answer: You’re in the right place! We’ll ask a number of health related questions and point you towards the best options. 

Question: Will the insurance company reach out to my doctor? 

Answer: In some cases, yes. There are times where the insurer may need some follow up info from your physician(s). 

Questions: Am I likely to get a better deal using Select Quote or other on-line agencies?

Answer: In most cases, no. We routinely outcompete larger on-line agencies. Remeber, getting the best policy & premium is dependent upon the agent’s knowledge and experience. As for experience, well, we got it! We’ll also spend time together evaluating the quality and value of many of the insurance providers we’ll be considering as there are many insurers you wouldn’t want to marry for the next 20-30 years. 

Some of The Companies We Represent

Life Insurance Companies We Represent