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I doubt that ostriches truly stick their head in the sand as a defense mechanism but I find the statistic all too true. There are many people who will not sit down with me because invariably the life insurance discussion will involve death. Why? They’re afraid to talk about life insurance because of what that entails. I find though that for those who went in with some trepidation; most came away feeling affirmed in what they had done. This leads me to my point; having the talk about your life insurance can be life affirming! What is more affirming to a spouse, parent, or business owner when you know you’ve put a plan in place that protects the people you care about most in this world or made sure a business would outlive you? If you’re one of the ones who’ve put this portion of your financial planning off because you fear talking about death, make the call today! I promise that the conversation isn’t as bad as you think. In my years as a financial servant, I’ve never had a client tell me that they regretted protecting their family or business.

If you read this and think that you’ve avoided the discussion because of a hear of talking about death, take a moment and do the right thing. Call or email me to get the discussion started. The conversation will be affirming and you’ll be glad you put protection in place to care for those you love.