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I doubt that ostriches truly stick their head in the sand as a defense mechanism but I find the statistic all too true.  There are many people who will not sit down with me because invariably the life insurance discussion will involve death. I find though that for those who went in with some trepidation; most came away feeling affirmed in what they had done. This leads me to my point; talking about your life insurance can be life affirming! What is more affirming to a spouse, parent, or business owner when you know you’ve put a plan in place that protects the people you care about most in this world or made sure a business would outlive you? If you’re one of the ones who’ve put this portion of your financial planning off because you fear talking about death, make the call today! I promise that the conversation isn’t as bad as you think. In my years as a financial servant, I’ve never had a client tell me that they regretted protecting their family or business.