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Is Hybrid Life Insurance For You?

I was fortunate enough recently to spend some time discussing an increasingly popular type of life Insurance with Rebecca Lake from U. S. News & World Report. Rebecca did an amazing job of covering all the angles on why this type of life insurance policy is appealing to people who are concerned about losing premiums on long-term care policies. Here’s my excerpt from Rebecca’s article. Click the link at the end to read the full story

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Samuel Price, an independent broker with Assurance Financial Solutions in Birmingham, Alabama, says these policies may appeal most to investors who want flexibility.

“You could conceivably accumulate cash to supplement retirement savings, meet long-term care spending needs and generate a 100 percent tax-free life insurance benefit all in one policy,” Price says.

He says what often happens with long-term care insurance is there’s a tendency to focus more on the lost premiums than the security that having the coverage provides. Hybrid policies are built to solve this problem.

Safeguard Wealth With Hybrid Life Insurance